Twenty Something Pt. II

You grow up. And you have to learn to live. Live with the demons always stalking you to remind you across the country is not far enough of a ways to go to escape from your past. And you have to learn to live with the angels that saved the people around you from themselves. […]


The pain comes before you even know that you’ll never be able to let go of the thought you just had, the image you drew up,  the scenario you watched play out between insecurity and fear masquerading as the people you love. But you’ve got yourself convinced that they don’t love you.  Because how could […]

Twenty something

Face is hot.  Might be red. I haven’t seen myself in awhile.  Haven’t gathered the courage to face myself.  Her eyes are not forgiving. I can feel the sweat. It’s sinking into everything around me. The edges between myself and my clothing have been blurred. Softened.  From my bed I stare up at the blank […]


Should I speak softly? Is that what you’d like to hear? Losing your freedom, Is that the kind of thing that you fear? I wouldn’t know. From the start I know that men have been pulling me apart. And I know it’s not their fault. It’s the very top that controls the rest. Everyone else […]

Best Dressed.

She was the best dressed girl.  She could have been treated like a queen.  But when she caught sight of her reflection in the mirror it ruined her day. So she hid. No one could understand her pain. How could she suffer being something so many people live breathe and die to be?  The best […]


I Was a child then.  My t shirt said rock star. My hair was crunchy from gel and my make up wasn’t blended.  I was a freshman in high school.  Just fourteen. Barely out of the middle school scene.  You weren’t attractive.  You didn’t drive a nice car.  But you had your own place and […]


-You are beautiful!- They say. And I smile, because I know; know that is the best thing I can be. I need to please people with what they can see. Otherwise, I wither away with no company. I can breathe. That’s the best thing for me. Even when the air is filled with smoke, and I […]