They think we’ve changed.  They think we’ve withdrawn.  That we will flounder  Because we have no social skills.  But we are social engineers.  Aware of our world And our position in it.  We manipulate the faces we share with the whole world And convince everyone that the entirety of our lives is contained and displayed […]


I’m sticky with sweat. The wind rolls over my body and I stiffen. Bracing against the gentle breeze, fearing if I loosen for a moment it will sweep me with the autumn leaves. Am I so fragile? Is it the wind I fear? Or my inability to control it? As a child I was afraid […]


I screamed. And you sat there with vacant eyes.  I told you that I loved you and you shrugged. I wondered what that meant but I didn’t ask. I knew that you were all knotted up inside yourself.  I didn’t dare offer to untie you.  I just waited. For the day you admitted you couldn’t […]


Who kills birds of flight but out of envy? Beasts small enough to conceal themselves from the sight of predators in times of peril. Swift enough to travel the world before they collapse into their earthy grassy graves. Man is envious of their ability to lift themselves above the flat terrain of this planet. And […]


I can smell the rain. I quietly hope clouds will form inside my chest and rain will softly fall inside me so I can sleep without hearing this voice inside my head.  You’d gently remind me that if my lungs filled with water I’d be too dead too fast to hear any calming rain.  And […]


I sat in the room and no one spoke to me. No one told me they knew what I had for lunch because there was still some peanut butter stuck to my face. No one told me they didn’t like me. They didn’t need to. I thought I was fine. But not because anyone told […]

A Conversation

Molding together two separate pasts. We dig into skin and try to peel it back. I want to see the bones because someone else has. I want to see what you used to be. But that isn’t there anymore. How could you ask for me to show you that? It’s buried for a reason. Keep […]