They think we’ve changed. 

They think we’ve withdrawn. 

That we will flounder 

Because we have no social skills. 

But we are social engineers. 

Aware of our world

And our position in it. 

We manipulate the faces we share with the whole world

And convince everyone that the entirety of our lives is contained and displayed in boxes on screens. 

Scene: Beach

Scene: Smiling wearing sunglasses and a seatbelt in a car with a nice interior 

Scene: Happy family in front of a house

Scene: Standing on a mountain top, arms raised to show you are a force of nature

And after that moment is captured,

And shared,

You collapse into a pool of sweat and wait for the notifications to roll in

All focused on you. 

But that’s not really you, 

Is it?

We are more social than any generation that precedes us. 

We are not degenerates,

We have evolved. 

We are masters of our image and interactions. 

With no guidance or support. 

Entering uncharted territory with familiar strangers. 

Ourselves included. 


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