Who kills birds of flight but out of envy?
Beasts small enough to conceal themselves from the sight of predators in times of peril.
Swift enough to travel the world before they collapse into their earthy grassy graves.
Man is envious of their ability to lift themselves above the flat terrain of this planet.
And feel the air submit to the subtle force of their wings.
Coasting on the back of an element that carries dirt and water which destroys towns and kills their human inhabitants.
Who slays birds of flight but out of envy? 
Humans hate the black and brown.
Favor white and tan.
But these small beasts are cloaked in all color.
And man murders them to wear them and keep warm. 
Because we are unsatisfied with the skin our fragile minds are trapped within.
And the bones that bar us in to fleshy calloused cells.
Who stones a bird but to watch her fall because he can not climb to equal heights without the technology which robs him of adrenaline.
Who pierces a bird with a bullet but he who desires to feel satisfied that his own freedom has not been stolen.
The freedom to be satisfied and trust.
And once the bird of flight was killed merely  to maintain nourishment on some largely gamless island.
But now in our luxury,
Why cut the strings that keep these birds nearly high as the clouds when the deer is much bigger and more accessible?
Who kills  birds of flight but out of envy?
To watch them drop.
To feel a sense of accomplishment from slaying the most incomprehensibly free being of them all.


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