The Culture

Oh the struggle I have endured to be free!
So I can live a rich and fulfilling life,
of office work: nine to five.
I got an education.
I even passed a class on social inequality.
I am a certified vessel for liberty.

I will protect my right
to occupy a space
that only I could justly fill.
And I will defend against the intrusion
of all those people
whose parents’ parents’ parents’…
did not work as hard as I
to be free;

people from foreign lands,
like Dubai, Somalia, Beijing,
or Detroit.
Because I am a vessel for liberty.

My people are civilized.
They use paper work as
an impenetrable wall
of defense
those too barbaric
to appreciate the freedom
I represent.

I fought SO hard!
Oh I have earned this!
I survived infections,
broken bones,
and infancy!
Just to be your humble
to liberty.

And to all you who can not relate,
or understand,
you are communists,
and you


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