Sweet Sixteen

The world did not know me,
Did not need me,
And I did not know,
How badly I needed it.
Curled up in a ball,
Wet with tears,
Changing everything but my name,
To feel some love,
When I could feel nothing else,
At all.
Loud and fearless,
I rejected all conventions I did not understand,
Condemning those who conformed,
For their lack of understanding,
I had thirst to live,
I tried to quench with hatred,
For those who seemed successful.
Naively resenting those who smiled,
I did not understand,
That I was the root of my suffering.
I prided myself in seeing the world for what it was.
But I had not lived enough to know what I was seeing.
So in my mind,
I tore the world into pieces. 
Turned out to be the most beautiful action,
I have taken. 
Turned out to be,
Putting those pieces back together,
Has helped me learn,
So much about life,
So much about those around me 



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