What is it Like to be Alive?

she asked,
“what is it like to be living?
He replied with a puzzled look,
And she said,
“well go on.”
And he asked,
“does your heart not beat?
does your brain not think?
tell me, what is it like to be dead?”
she bit her lip,
but not in defeat,
rather she prodded once more,
“tell me what is it like to be living?
my world is all grey and dreary,
the rivers have all dried,
and the clouds won’t blow away
and all the ‘ought haves’
have been replaced with
‘shouldn’t haves’
i’m not sure why,
but the people won’t look up
and I feel awfully alone,
but that smile you wear,
I’d like to know,
what is it like to be alive?”
and with that he understood
just what she meant
and so he said
“to be alive
is to not think
not once
what it’d be like not to be
but instead to wonder
how you can make things right
when they world is grey and dreary
paint it and give it life
and when the rivers dry
cry till they are full
and scream the clouds away
time will help you stop thinking
bout the awful ‘oughts’ and ‘shouldn’ts’
to be alive is to smile
and mean it
it’s simply to be free”
and the girl smiled
for a moment she was alive
but it was his alive
not hers
so she returned it
and so did the clouds return to her
she’d push them away
some day.


2 thoughts on “What is it Like to be Alive?

  1. All of your writing is incredible. You have a phenomenal way of expressing your feelings and I love how open and honest you are. As rough as your thoughts may be, you’re headed in the right direction.


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