Sleep Writing

You traded in a ring of cubic zirconium for a diamond one. But you couldn’t tell the difference.  Slipped out of your pocket on your walk home through the city. Hit a drain for rain, made no sound, falling down. Least not to you.

The night you wouldn’t hold her, she got cold, so she ached to find someone who ached to find her. That night was your demise. She walked away and left nothing in her place. But you didn’t miss her. She was a distraction anyway, a distraction as loud as a diamond.

Now you sit inside, always awake and alone. Afraid life will pass you by as soon as you shut your eyes. Hoping you’ll find something to live for. Believing it’d be impossible to have such bad luck, always settling for less.

Always keeping your options open, hoping.  Waiting for a spark,  but they can’t wait forever.

You didn’t know how much life could knock you down until you were looking up from the ground. Sleep deprived, diamondless, and short an even more precious gem. Always slipping through the cracks, those genuine souls.

But you’ll learn and grow. And love yourself before anyone else.  So you don’t need cubic zirconium love, all hollow and seeking validation,  any more.


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