In the end, I walked away. Even though it was a different direction from where I’d started,  I felt relatively unchanged.  No matter what I accomplished I remained, in the minds of my contemporaries, set in my old, cold ways. I couldn’t write the past away. I stared at the ceiling wondering if anything mattered,  […]

Are We All Seeking Insanity?

These psychedelic fixtures of fabric, Pinned to the confines of a mind, Ravaged by the cruel force of love, Yellows, reds, blues, Sacrificing their striking intensity, For sweet spawned hues, Of pinks, purples, oranges… Enveloping this mind, Eliminating all other prospects. On the outside, Cool parted lips bring pleasure, Sensually satisfying the lonely aching soul. […]

What is it Like to be Alive?

she asked, “what is it like to be living? He replied with a puzzled look, And she said, “well go on.” And he asked, “does your heart not beat? does your brain not think? tell me, what is it like to be dead?” she bit her lip, but not in defeat, rather she prodded once […]