Tyler Durden

Sit up straight. Smile. Answer their questions. Lean forward while you listen.  Show them you care. Spend at least 35 minutes each morning grooming your hair. Low heat, you don’t want to fray the ends. Watch what you eat or it will show.  They’ll notice your waist grow. Don’t allow your nails to chip. Flirt,  but never tease. Don’t let them believe you are easy.  Don’t intimidate them with you intelligence or wit. Always seem like you are intrigued.

Stop thinking so much.  Relax.  No one wants to know the strange things inside your mind. So be quiet. Sit still.  Don’t burden others with your nonsense. They’ll find you strange. Say what they want you to say. Following your heart will only cause trouble. No one will want to hold you or protect you if you show them you have too strong a mind.

Don’t you want them to love you? To want you? Be cool. Dress the part. Walk with your head held high and be calm. Mysterious. Gentle kisses. Gentle touches. Speak in an airy tone. Use the same words everyone else is using. Don’t try to stand out, unless it’s by being exceptionally beautiful. 

You don’t need an identity to be happy. Just play the role and the script will write itself. Be sweet, be cute, be alluring. Forget your desires.  They only hold you back.

In this world, no one can fathom that anyone besides themselves can exist. So live for them. Die for them.

No one believes in you.


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