I can feel myself fading. I’m becoming less and less real. I know it’s because you’ve stopped believing in me.
I wish I had the power to wish myself away sometimes. I wish I had the power to be outside of myself. To see all I do and say objectively.
If anyone sees anything objectively at all.
It’s funny we create words that can not exist. If you know what I mean.
Or words that mean so many things.
Words that try to contain and condense a powerful and beautiful thing, like “love”.
So vast and subjective and abstract, symbolized by an awkward blend of vowels and consonants foreign or learned to most of the world.
I wish I could speak with my eyes instead of my mouth.
I wish…

Why are you trying to remove me?
Why are you trying to fill where I used to be with nothingness?
I was silent,
Reflecting upon all the times I was told I was much too loud.
And  you forgot me,
For a time,
But with a flash and burn,

The memories flowed back in.

And you couldn’t.
No, you couldn’t.
I can feel it, I can feel me fading away. I can feel you peeling me away, sticking me on the curb like a piece of chewed gum ready to absorb the shock of the soles passing by.
Just passing by.

But never more.


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