Change is Gonna Come I Can Feel it.

Abandoned stands the tree,
Once providing shade for multitudes,
Now dwells in the shadows of awnings,
and roofs.

Abandoned grow the flowers,
Once worshiped for their breathtaking colors,
Irreplaceable beauty,
Replaced by HD television.

Lone stares the lion,
Prepared to attack,
He grows afraid when he notices,
The man has no fear or reverence for him with a loaded gun in hand.

Lone stands the native,
Whose father died protecting his land,
Much like yours,
But your merciless affairs destroyed the people’s spirit to carry on.

Surrounded by others stands the sky scraper,
But not necessarily in good company,
The wind’s mission every day to become strong just enough,
To topple one over… is a failure.

Surrounded stands you,
Surrounded by like minds,
Fear to reach out and tempt fate fills you,
But someday, you too shall be alone.




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