Crowded Streets

the city
whichever you call home
the one with the streets you know
even as you wander

the Sun is strong
the streets are packed
the eyes of the gorgeous and grotesque
dash and dart flirt and fear…

there are two corners
and on each corner
a  group


by black asphalt
and Rushing cars
their Union delayed by a dangling light

they’re anxious for a variety of reasons
to get where they’re going
to leave where they came

in each group
one man
one woman
one story unwritten

the green light indicates the time to pass safely
has come

and each group moves towards the other
one lonely man
one taken woman
both love sushi

and sensitivity

both unhappy with their lives
desiring more
the emptiness that plagues
haunted by demons
and memories


the two of them
pieces of the same
one curves in the other out
they’d join to create an ethereal scene

the groups move faster now
as the Red Hand counts down

one man one woman so close

within arms reach

their eyes fail to meet

they carry on

yearning for more
always looking out windows for answers
staring into mirrors hoping to see who they really are

in another world

their eyes found one another
and they discovered the truth

not here on this
city street
carry on searching
in crowds for the comfort
of home


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