Pretty Packages Fall Apart

She said she just wanted to become a part of the sky; she wanted to evaporate into the sunset. She dreamed of finding love notes in her cereal box, and long lost, past-life, friends in the pet food isle of grocery stores.

She spent her hours at work waiting for a gorgeous customer to tell her she had stolen their heart, and playing out the lives of seated patrons in her mind; she learned so much about the world looking at it through their eyes.

She wished silently that someone would read her mind, and they could both finally feel alive. She tried living in the moment once, but the moment sprinted off, and left memories in its place.

She created a fantasy world. There was no concept of time or social obligation. There were only the simplest pleasures, like the coolnes of the ocean on her feet, and the freshness of unpolluted air in her lungs, and the clarity of a mind free from the influence of recycled thoughts. But she grew lonely. She dreamt up the perfect companions, but in their company she felt they were only dolls in her hand, slaves of her inclination.

She wanted more. She wanted to understand the real world, but it was overwhelming, and no one expressed the desire to share. She fell victim to her dreams, to her fantasies. Chasing all she could never obtain.

Facing her reflection in the mirror, she brought her wandering soul back to earth. She looked into her own wide brown eyes and convinced them to accept the ugly things in the world, like wasted gifts, torn up notes with revolutionary ideas, and envy.

She has to bury her dreams. She promised she’d return in time. She had to change her life.


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