Follow the leader. The sheep tumble off the cliff. Into the raging river; Under the order of man. Who are you to say to me That I am not “the one”? Why am I not worthy To save “kingdom come”? One by one. The sheep drown in the current Battered broken lambs; Under the order […]

Change is Gonna Come I Can Feel it.

Abandoned stands the tree, Once providing shade for multitudes, Now dwells in the shadows of awnings, and roofs. Abandoned grow the flowers, Once worshiped for their breathtaking colors, Irreplaceable beauty, Replaced by HD television. Lone stares the lion, Prepared to attack, He grows afraid when he notices, The man has no fear or reverence for […]


(c.2010) Sometimes I spend hours searching for the right words, and as soon as they slip through my lips, I realize they were all wrong. Sometimes I get all dressed up, and look at myself in the mirror, and feel like a living, breathing, lie. Sometimes I think about each step I take, I think […]

Crowded Streets

the city whichever you call home the one with the streets you know even as you wander drunkenly alone the Sun is strong the streets are packed the eyes of the gorgeous and grotesque meet dash and dart flirt and fear… there are two corners somewhere and on each corner a  group separated by black […]